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Blackwolvez new album


Blackwolvez album art

Blackwolvez is a Hip-Hop and R&B indie group from Sacramento,CA. With their unique styles and amazing rap skills, they are indeed a force to be reckoned with. Blackwolvez is more than just music, they are a movement! Their first album was released in 2008 under the independent label "Sactown Recordz".

The creator of both Blackwolvez & Cowboy & A T.H.U.G. is "Andre D. Butler" formerly known as “Schitzo” now Skitzo Thee Incredible since 2007 of the Sacramento's underground Hip Hop rap scene. For more information go to

Full Moon Recordz LLC established by Blackwolvez rap group member Mista Pakman, Dangerou$. Also the owner of Trip Sevenz Recordz LLC in partnership with the record label with Co-Producer, beat maker & or rap group(s) and record label owner of Full Moon Recordz LLC (Trip Sevenz™) as well. Making the creator leader of the rap group Blackwolvez, Skitzo Thee Incredible, CEO of the music label and music group. 

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