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There are many ways to describe Full Moon Recordz, unique, talented and charismatic. Above all, Full Moon Recordz is real. We bring honesty and from the soul combining art, story and songs in perfect unison.


 Blackwolvez is a independent Rap & Hip-Hop music group with a focus on creating a distinctive indie rap sound. The Sacramento music act is a blend of various influences, channeling the energy of modern hip-hop music with the unique twist of great production quality and endearing sound design and vocal flows. In other words, there is room for punchy beats, great melodies, and pretty much everything in between! Skitzo Thee Incredible or otherwise known as Aquarius King is the front person of the group: he is also active as a solo artist, but does a lot of work as a member of Blackwolvez too, ever since the project started back in 2007!


Blackwolvez’s style stands out as a really fantastic example of their artistry and flow, giving the audience a strong sense of natural character and edgy musicianship that feels spontaneous and natural, yet balanced and creatively thoughtful. This is exactly the kind of music you would want to hear blaring out of club speakers or festival stages!

Ownership Notice:


“Full Moon Recordz LLC is now owner of Blackwolvez ® establishment in 2020. Full Moon Recordz LLC was established in March, 2018. The label is independent and owned by Blackwolvez group member Mista Pakman Dangerou$ with Skitzo Thee Incredible (Aquarius King) as the CEO being the creator of Blackwolvez. Enjoy Blackwolvez music everywhere music is sold.”

You can listen & enjoy Mista Pakman Dangerou$ right here! or anywhere music is sold online. Listen to 'Stripez' from Mista Pakman below.

Find the new album by Mista Pakman Dangerou$ everywhere music is sold online! Here is a preview of "Legal Dope" you can stream or order the album online. 

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