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Blackwolvez Biography


Blackwolvez is a Rap & Hip-Hop indie group from Sacramento,CA. Their second album released in April 2022 by Full Moon Recordz. Blackwolvez & Cowboy & A T.h.u.g. was created by Skitzo Thee Incredible who is Andre D. Butler. In the 90’s he was known as “Schizo”, who is now known as Skitzo Thee Incredible (Aquarius King) and was also discovered by Con Funk Shun’s band member keyboardist Danny “Sweet Man” Thomas in the 1990’s. Skitzo is the man behind assisting Danny Thomas towards the idea of Danny Thomas’ own Record label ‘MoonStruck Records’. Danny Thomas is also the mastermind behind Skitzo Thee Incredible’s first album ‘Full Moon’. Full Moon Recordz LLC is the commemoration of the idea ‘Full Moon’ and is the name of Skitzo’s first album in the early 90’s. Skitzo Thee Incredible who was an Underground Rapper in Sacramento,CA in the 1990’s known in the 90’s as ‘Schitzo’ was once signed to Mac Dre’s label 2nd Life Entertainment in 1999 and was also featured on the compilation ‘Bloodline’ with two songs “Witness Da Terror” and “Toe From Da Flow”. Schitzo was also featured on Repo Ricks compilation ‘Repolation’ as ‘Schizo’ with his song “Keep On Pimpin” featuring Really Real.  Skitzo Thee Incredible or otherwise known as Aquarius King is a solo artist, but is in the Blackwolvez group as well. This Rap & Hip-Hop group was established in 2007, and released their first album “Global Warmin’” in 2008.

Blackwolvez Grassroots ​  


In 2001 on 37th street in Sacramento,CA is when Skitzo Thee Incredible created the idea "Blackwolvez". At the time as a well known drug dealer in Sacramento who sold crack for a living, it was a dangerous lifestyle, without any concern Skitzo was addicted to the fast money or in other words “Dirty Money”. Everyone who knew Skitzo at this time throughout the Sacramento streets by enemies competition and police, would later on plot to either stop or bust him to end his reign as a successful drug dealer. Skitzo then arranged lookouts on every corner of the street he lived on. Giving walkie-talkies to each person who were on the lookout as security personnel. If one of them saw the police approaching, they would sound the alarm on the walkie talkie by saying the code name Skitzo gave them to use. Skitzo was one of the biggest crack dealers in the year of 2001 according to Sacramento’s investigation team. Being one of the largest drug dealers at the time, also meant having a lot of enemies. Many were out to shut down the drug traffic which had a 24/7 operation. Skitzo, had security personnel sun up to sun down around his home, in case of enemies who would like to rob and steal. The security personnel was named Blackwolvez at this time. Whoever was on the lookout or security personnel were "Blackwolvez”. Very protective, alert and watchful, like wolves in a pack. When Skitzo got out of prison in 2006 for dealing crack-cocaine, he made a promise to himself to never sell drugs again. Back tracking he would then change his outlook on life and take his talent to sing and rap more seriously. Skitzo got out of prison and was placed on parole making the decision to not go back to the lifestyle that sent him to prison. All Skitzo had at this point in time was his talent. From the days of selling dope, all he had left was the music he bought which was buried away in a dusty duffle bag. Over 300 beats, all on compact disc’s as he called it "my hood treasure".  No more selling illegal drugs! this time the choice to be destructive had permanently discontinued. Living a new life, new goal, new mission and new purpose Blackwolvez became a rap group when Skitzo Thee Incredible (Aquarius King) got out of prison in 2006. It all started when he was living at his sister Tracy's house. He found out that his nephews TJ ( MAD BLAK aka Mak Atak) & JB (Da Beast) had talent and were interested in becoming rappers. They both were really talented and Skitzo liked what he heard. Skitzo’s sister who is Tracy, had a boyfriend (NovaKain Da Bandit) who was interested in being a rapper for the group too,  and was talented with a southern rap style. They would all get together to listen to Skitzo’s beats and vibe to them daily. One day Skitzo decided that they should start a group together. Everyone agreed, but didn't have a name for the group. After several names being tossed around, eventually Skitzo decides to name the rap group ‘Blackwolvez’. “We all family, so let's use Blackwolvez as our group name". Everyone they knew at the time loved the name and gave it positive feedback. Blackwolvez as a rap group began in 2006 but was still incomplete. In the same year of 2006 Dion C. Florence or otherwise known as Mista Pakman Dangerou$ met Skitzo who is his father after 8 years. After some time having trouble as a teenager going through juvenile hall, drug and alcohol programs and being on the streets at a young age with or without the help of his friends and family Mista Pakman discovers his own talents by his peers and his own ears for music. Influenced by many rappers 2pac played a big role in Mista Pakman changing his reality and focus during time spent at juvenile hall  and drug and alcohol programs. Freestyling and never writing the ambition of Mista Pakman becomes greater to become something more developing with a style that would later become useful for the indie Rap & Hip-Hop group Blackwolvez by 2007. Mista Pakman then learns to write his own music having his craft perfected. Skitzo finds his first son can rap too and gives the name Mista Pakman to son Dion. In 2006, "Mista Pakman" officially joined Blackwolvez when he moved in with Skitzo and Skitzo’s mother at the Woodland Tower apartments in Carmichael,CA. After coming from a rough lifestyle, on probation at the time, Mista Pakman chose to use his music and creative contribution for the group pushing a better cause by changing his lifestyle from a rough journey as a juvenile from 2004 to 2007 to defeating the statistics. The Blackwolvez still had a missing element which would later be Skitzo's niece who is Annette. Skitzo finds out she can sing and is interested so he asked her to sing vocals for the song "Spider Dance" hook and on Mista Pakman's solo on the album "Global Warmin'" as well as a few more rap features on the album. You can also hear her sing on the "Medication & Tha Harve$t" album on the song "Money Rag". Her artist name is Blak Diiamond, although she made it into the group as Diiamond she would be the last piece of the puzzle. Following up with more power moves, Mista Pakman, is now sole proprietor of the Blackwolvez indie label Full Moon Recordz LLC and devotes his life story to music and the true Rap & Hip-Hop culture. The grassroots of the name "Blackwolvez". From a lookout and security personnel team on 37th street in Sacramento,CA to a family Hip-Hop and R&B rap group by 2006. Recording demos by 2007 in D Reels Studio, Blackwolvez release their first album “Global Warmin’” by 2008 under Sactown Recordz.  Full Moon Recordz LLC is now owner of Blackwolvez ® establishment in 2020. Full Moon Recordz LLC was established in March, 2018. The label is independent and owned by Blackwolvez group member Mista Pakman Dangerou$ with Skitzo Thee Incredible (Aquarius King) as the CEO being the creator of Blackwolvez. Enjoy Blackwolvez music everywhere music is sold. 

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